Our Knight at Clementina’s

Christopher Alex Louie, what a guy! Our hero! What table manners! Junior, Bio Major and Lowell High grad. He came to Rome to get away from the sciences; and got into a jam over a case of mistaken identity.

In between the courses of pasta carbonara and the chicken dish at Osteria Clementina, Alex  made a pit-stop. As Alex was exiting the banquet room, he noticed that a young woman was also leaving the room, and had left her coat on her seat.  At least that’s what he observed.

Thinking that woman #1 had gone into tiny unisex lavatory – he politely picked up the coat and had good intentions of returning it to her. Instead, woman #1 had gone outdoors for a smoke break with her boyfriend.

As Alex attempted to give the coat to women #2, the lady of mistaken identity, coming out of the facility, became very upset about the rude behavior of this random Asian dude. Woman #2 had no clue what he was trying to doing – pushing into her hands what was clearly not hers; and not in a privacy of the “Ladies Room.”

Witnessing this ruckus was Adrianna, the manager of the restaurant, who came to rescue Alex’s rescue.

So this “Knight of the Woeful Countenance,” our gallant Don Quixote returned to the banquet room – blush with embarrassment over his mistake — and plenty of laughs, as Adrianna explained to us this complex experiment in social grace. Thanks, Alex.

Father Mike R

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About Mike Russo

Mike Russo teaches political communication and the news of religion at Saint Mary's College of California. He is the writer and editor of the blog "The Francis Factor," which forwards his media ministry; and currently prepares for the Pope's 2015 Visit to the United States

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