Rome on a “Clear Day”

Our first full day in Roma was filled with touring! I enjoyed being with a small group of our students as we enjoyed the beautiful weather.

After a short Metro ride we saw the view of Rome from the Spanish Steps, tossed our coins in the Trevi Fountain, and walked through the Pantheon. Our lunch spot was perfect! Upon recommendation of Camilla, whose family travels to Rome, and her knowledge of Rick Steve’s suggested spots, we ate at “Enoteca Corsi” which is on the Via Del Gesu! (Jesus Street!!) It was like walking into a family home and being welcomed with a home cooked meal.

Later we gathered together for our fist Mass here at the Christian Brothers Generalate in the small chapel. I celebrated a ‘teaching mass’ with opportunities to learn about each part of the Eucharistic celebration. Although ‘jet lag’ has set upon most of us, the liturgy was a time to pray, sing, and share the ‘holy presence of God’ with each other.

Ciao Tutti!

Father Salvatore Ragusa, SDS/Chaplain


One thought on “Rome on a “Clear Day”

  1. What a stroke of brilliant timing; your LaSallian pilgrims under the spiritual leadership of Father Sal arrived the day the beatification of the holy founder of his order! Rome is an eternal blessing and the font of so many blessings ….may you all be abundantly blessed and in every way!

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