Footsteps in Rome

This is the blog for our pilgrimage to Rome. From day to day, you can follow us on our spiritual journey in the Eternal City. It represents our Saint Mary’s College Jan Term 2011 course. We are present-day pilgrims walking in the footsteps of the early Christians. As an example of “backpack journalism,” this website gives you a chance to hear our stories, conversations, and insights; along with a viewing of our photos and videos of this remarkable experience. Welcome!

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About Mike Russo

Mike Russo teaches political communication and the news of religion at Saint Mary's College of California. He is the writer and editor of the blog "The Francis Factor," which forwards his media ministry; and currently prepares for the Pope's 2015 Visit to the United States

3 thoughts on “Footsteps in Rome

  1. Can’t wait to see and hear all that you are doing! What a great experience for all of you. Take it all in, this is once in a lifetime trip that you will talk about forever!

  2. I miss ya’ll but know it’s a wonderful experience for everyone. Send pictures. I know you’ll have lots to tell about when you return.

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